Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation take a toll on you, whether short-term, or for the long haul.

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Memorial Sloan Kettering, a U.S. leader in cancer treatment and research, is currently developing a clinical trial to investigate the purported benefits of yoga for ovarian and breast cancer patients.  But they are not the first to do so.  The National Institutes of Health, among others, have found that yoga can safely be used in conjunction with conventional treatment methods, to address a wide range of symptoms. 


LEAFY GREENS: NATURE'S multivitamin?

In an effort to rebuild and recover from the side effects of cancer drug therapy, and to replace key minerals lost due to the removal or damage of the ovaries, some women are advised to take an over-the-counter multivitamin.  Trouble is, there is conflicting research about the safety of ingesting synthetic nutrients in the large quantities found in the typical multivitamin .  Obtaining key vitamins and minerals through diet, instead, is arguably a safer option.