Getting the diagnosis of cancer is your ticket to an emotional roller coaster, whether or not you want to ride.  

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Do you know this line from the 1965 hit "It's My Party"? Do you let yourself cry if the mood hits, or do you stifle the urge?  Do you view crying as a sign of weakness, and an inability to handle your diagnosis, let alone whatever else life throws at you?  Do you consider it to be a way of seeking pity and attention? You may be among those who believe that crying simply isn't healthy for you. Some argue that it is.

Photo courtesy of                           Abo Ngalonkulu

Photo courtesy of

                         Abo Ngalonkulu


It can be very easy to keep people at arm’s length when you’re going through a difficult time.  You don’t want to be obligated to explain and justify your feelings.  Sometimes, it’s because you don’t understand them yourself.  Your emotions may be raw and all over the place. You may still be coming to terms with all of the changes that you’re facing and not quite interested in sharing the process.  This is completely understandable and fair.  You must process at your own, individual pace.  But at some point in the process, letting others in can help you more than you may realize. 


MOODY madness

You giggle at something funny on the car stereo.  You slow your car as you approach the stoplight, and suddenly, someone cuts in front of you, causing you to have to slam on brakes.  You seethe with rage.  Your blood feels as if it is literally boiling in your veins.  Hanging on by a thread, you avoid interacting and drive on. Minutes later, you pull into a parking space at the grocery store and realize that you left your coupons on the kitchen counter.  You burst into tears.  It's a full-blown sob fest.  What, in the world, is going on?