We can learn from, encourage, and support each other through this.  When others don't know what to say, another survivor does, even if she doesn't utter a word.  We are spread all over the world and sometimes cannot see each other face to face.  So here, let's offer each other a place to find a bit of humor amidst the chaos.  Here at OUTDONE WITH OVARIAN CANCER, we're all about building women back up: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Let's get to it!

In spite of everything, I had to laugh when....

Fill in the blank with a humorous event that has happened to you during your journey.  It can be as simple as something that your beloved dog did upon your return home from a treatment session, or something that you tried to do while recuperating from surgery, forgetting your acute limitations.  Share it here.  If it made you laugh, surely someone else will get a kick out of it as well.

The best thing that I've found to treat____ is _____.

Fill in the blanks with a side effect and what you've discovered as one of the best things to treat it. 

The best bit of advice that I can give to you is _______.

What advice can you give to another survivor that has helped you re-build emotionally, or that you cling to during one of the dips on this roller coaster?